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The last day working Joke
"You Know It's Your Last Day At Work When......"

You hand a bank teller an envelope, and when she asks, "What'

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Work for an operator Joke
The following are real conversations Directory Enquiries operators had with callers, as revealed in interviews with st
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Workplace insanity Joke

Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise

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An old occupation Joke
What happens when people of different occupations get old.

- Old accountants never die, they just lose their b

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Sarcastic Remarks For Work Joke
And your crybaby whinny opinion would be...?

This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting. <

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Turkey and the Bull Joke
A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be Able to get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey, but I
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Supermarket Embarrasment Joke
A lady was picking up several items at a discount store. When she finally got up to the checker, she learned that one
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The Magician and the Parrot Joke
A magician worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The audience would be different each week, so the magician did t
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Missing Parrot Joke
There once was a lady who was very concerned about her missing parrot.

Not knowing what to do, she called

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Hardware Store Joke
A woman walks into a hardware store and says, "I want to buy a hinge."

The clerk says, "Do you wanna screw

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Late Tom Joke
Tom had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late for work. His boss was mad at him and thr
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Lazy Highway Crew Joke
One morning a local highway department crew reaches their job-site and realizes they have forgotten all their shovels
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Work Disability Joke
A man was being interviewed for a job. "Were you in the service?" asked the interviewer.

"Yes, I was a ma

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Cruel Bet Joke
Steve, Bob, and Jeff were working on a very high scaffolding one day when suddenly, Steve falls off and is killed ins
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Best Excuses for Not Going to Work Joke
1.) "If it is all the same to you I won't be coming in to work. The voices told me to clean all the guns today."<
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Wheelbarrow Joke
The strong young man at the construction site was bragging that he could outdo anyone in a feat of strength. He made
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The New CEO Joke
A company, feeling it was time for a shake-up, hires a new CEO. This new boss is determined to rid the company of a
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The Sign Joke
A boss was complaining in a staff meeting the other day that he wasn't getting any respect. Later that morning he we
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A Hole Problem Joke
The boss ordered one of his men to dig a hole eight feet deep. After the job was completed the boss returned and exp
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Taxi Cab Driver Joke
A passenger in a taxi tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him something. The driver screamed, lost control of t
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Vegas Cab Driver Joke
A successful businessman flew to Vegas for the weekend to gamble. He lost the shirt off his back and had nothing lef
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A Night at the Theater Joke
A man had a ticket for the theater but when he was seated by the usher, he found that he was just too far from the
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Sexual Harassment Joke
A man walks up to a woman in his office each day, stands very close to her, draws in a large breath of air and tell
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Job Ads Made Easy Joke
What the Job Ad says & What it means:

Advancement opportunity:
Sh*t job

Entry level

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Flowers Joke
A new business was opening and one of the owners friends sent flowers for the occasion. but when the owner read the
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Job Application Joke
This is an actual job application that a 17 year old boy submitted to McDonald's in Florida... and they hired him bec
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Actual Lines from Resumes Joke
I am very detail-oreinted.

My intensity and focus are at inordinately high levels, and my ability to compl

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Dear Employee Joke
Dear Employee:

As a result of the reduction of money budgeted for department areas, we are forced to cut

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New Company Joke
These three men went into business together and the first one said:

"I put up sixty-five percent of the c

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Moral Story Joke
Subject: Story with a Moral Story with a Moral In 1923, Who Was:

1. President of the largest steel company

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Swearing at Work Joke
To all Employees:
It has been brought to Management's attention that some individuals throughout the company ha

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Check Out Joke
I was in the Express Lane at the store, quietly fuming. Completely ignoring the sign, the woman ahead of me had slip
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Performance Evaluations Joke
For everyone who has ever had an evaluation or performance review just remember, it could have been worse. These ar
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